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Water Mark Technologies, Inc.
is a specialty chemical company proud to have over 50 years of chemistry & manufacturing experience with multiple dry & liquid products across various industries.
We are dedicated to applying our knowledge to help customers produce high quality products, in a cost effective manner, insuring superior customer service to meet tight product fulfillment needs throughout the globe.
Our creative chemistry and manufacturing solutions demonstrate our ability to work with our customers needs in mind. We can handle all aspects, from production set up to manufacturing finished goods, and provide a review of each project from a big picture vantage point. Water Mark Technologies continually evaluates the products & processes to ensure we are providing the most cost effective raw materials and manufacturing alternatives to assist our customers to maintain a competitive edge.
Our solutions provide savings to our customers by:
  • Increasing Speed to Market
  • Minimizing Capital Investment
  • Lowering Costs Associated with Raw Materials
  • Reducing Labor and Overhead Costs
  • Leveraging Economies of Scale
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Water Mark provides solutions by asking the tough questions to help our customers achieve their goals. Our recommended solutions look at the entire process to minimize total costs.

By collaborating with our customers, we form a partnership allowing us to be considered their trusted advisor in chemistry and manufacturing.

Let Water Mark handle your next project and you will see, as many others have, how much easier it can be.