Phil Reilly
President at Water Mark Technologies, Inc.

“I started my professional business career at 18 when I joined Calgon Corporation, as a research technician, working on developing a full line of polyelectrolytes. I obtained my degree in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh while working full time and going to night school. Shortly after graduating, I was promoted into a key marketing position responsible for selling the polyelectrolytes we developed. My career grew from there with further promotions into various management positions within Calgon. One of the most rewarding was setting up an Activated Carbon Joint Venture in Japan. We lived in Japan for three years and the venture and experience was highly rewarding. I left Calgon in 1980 and held key positions in several companies:

  • American Cyanamide: Director of Marketing Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Polyonics: Founder, Boarder Member and VP of Sales

  • CPS Chemicals: General Manager Research and Development

  • General Chemical: General Manager Water Treatment Division

I started my own consulting business in 1991, that lead to incorporating Water Mark Technologies Inc. in 1996.”

Key experiences that relate to the POC project:

  • Formed BrenRob Manufacturing Company at the request of Calgon to design and build batch feeding equipment. The units were as small as 150 gallons to fit on a dredge boat to 5,000 gallons to feed chemicals to 5 large vacuum filters in a wastewater treatment plant.

  • Ran Calgon's Environmental Engineering Department where we designed industrial waste water treatment systems.

  • Managed General Chemicals Aluminum Sulfate business which included 36 plants in United States and Canada producing aluminum sulfate. Aluminum sulfate is made in large batch digesters (20,000+ gallons) where sulfuric acid is reacted with an alumina source generating temperatures greater than 230OF.

  • Consulted with three chemical companies to design and build poly aluminum chloride manufacturing facilities. Two are located in the United States and one is located in South Korea.

Kim Logsdon
Chief Financial Officer at Water Mark Technologies, Inc.

“I have always had the desire to help people solve problems.  During my 20-year career as senior relationship manager and senior risk office for super-regional banks in NJ and in Europe, I utilized my Finance degree from Lehigh University, to solve financial challenges for businesses both large and small.  I advised business owners and their financial teams on creative financing solutions to purchase equipment and acquire other businesses in an effort to grow their companies.  In addition, I worked with corporate treasury departments to provide them with innovative cash management tools to efficiently utilize cash flow.

  • My efforts lead to a private equity group acquiring three different companies, each with sales over $50 million, in order to achieve a return on their investment of over 30%.  

  • With the assistance of the US EXIM bank, I helped a NJ based company triple sales volume by structuring a unique accounts receivable financing package.  

  • I also worked with a large auto insurance company to expedite collections of premiums so the firm could maximize its investment earnings.  

In 2011, I was presented with the opportunity to direct this experience to help my dad (Phil) and brother (Brennan) manage the growth Water Mark Technologies had achieved as a result of years of consulting with partners in construction, waste water treatment and oil & gas industries.  I was nervous about leaving behind my career and friends in banking, but I could not resist the chance to work with my family.  For the past five years, we have collaborated with existing clients to offer premium customer service and ongoing process improvement.  We have developed new relationships with businesses as we utilize our various levels of experience to offer new specialty chemical products to solve unique problems. My journey to keep helping people continues and I look forward to the new opportunities our customers and prospects will present to us for years to come.“

Brennan Reilly
Chief Operating Officer at Water Mark Technologies, Inc.

“After graduating Lehigh University with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering, I was lucky enough to have worked with companies that promoted personal growth and my eagerness to excel led to significant opportunities. Whether it was the job that started out as an analytical chemist developing the technology to manufacture Poly Aluminum Chloride which led to spending a year in Puerto Rico evaluating water treatment chemicals or the transition from a junior metallurgist in the aerospace industry to staff engineer responsible for the entire manufacturing process for investment castings. 

Throughout my over 20+ year career, experience was my greatest teacher, although I always looked outside my four walls to further grow my knowledge base. This led to a Master Black Belt Certification in Lean/Six Sigma, a Certificate in Supply Chain Management and a Masters of Science in Engineering Management from Northeastern University. Each step along this path, allowed me to apply the lessons learned which in turn, had a significant impact in my various roles.

I am now lucky enough to work along side my father (Phil) and sister (Kim) and leverage our over 100+ years of unique innovative chemical and manufacturing expertise and technology to convert our customers’ strategic problems in to improvement opportunities; allowing for greater customer profitability that enables them to create even larger opportunities.” 

Key experiences that relate to the POC project:

  • Designed and implemented a Lean/Six Sigma manufacturing line leading to over $2M reduction in inventory and a $1M year on year labor and raw material savings.

  • Instituted a formalized Tier II Process Safety Review which included a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), startup reviews, critical input/output monitoring and area training.

  • Qualification of alternate raw material to allow for increased capacity, greater flexibility and a safer work environment for employees.